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Created24.02.2021 11:49

Aleksandrinnhho11 (Alex11) 24.02.2021 11:49
Is it possible to place several types of animals in one placeable mod?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.02.2021 15:02
No. Each animal husbandry may have only one <module name="animals"> with one <config type="{animal type}"

Oskar Jansson (Unknown) 25.02.2021 18:12
i have a question. i wnat to take a mod from the internet and modify it a little. just for me to use

Aleksandrinnhho11 (Alex11) 25.02.2021 20:25
So the combination of animals and a grain or silage silo is also impossible?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.02.2021 21:00
You need to determine the <placeableType> in the xml file and there you can have either 'husbandry' or 'silo', not both.
Depending on this tag the appropriate LUA script is assigned.

Patryk Jankiewicz (DueGoldfish4604) 15.07.2021 13:18
Dzień dobry mam problem wczytaniem modelu z modyfikacji do GIANTS Editor nie pokazuje sie nic oprócz pasków i kółek mogę wysłać zdjęcie a mam najnowszą wersje i co zrobić żeby model maszyny sie pojawił?

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