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Created26.02.2021 22:18

Toth Erik (tothe) 26.02.2021 22:18
Hi! I've got a problem with sound. If I go and the engine is very loaded the sound will start to fade and then mute. What does it depend on? Thank you.

Ross Bowden (rossnmods) (rdbbowen) 01.03.2021 08:53
It is probably missing the sound file for "onload". Depending what vehicle and whether it is using sounds from the data folder or custom ones. If there is a separate sound xml it should look something like:

<motorStart template="SMALL_TRACTOR_MOTOR_START" file="Sounds/jcbTM320s_start.ogg" linkNode="0>"/>
<motorStop template="SMALL_TRACTOR_MOTOR_STOP" file="$data/sounds/vehicles/engine/fendt_7xx/fendt_7xx_stop.ogg" linkNode="0>"/>
<motor template="SMALL_TRACTOR_MOTOR_IDLE" file="Sounds/jcbTM320s_idle.ogg" linkNode="0>"/>
<motor template="SMALL_TRACTOR_MOTOR_OFFLOAD_RUN" file="Sounds/jcbTM320s_run.ogg" linkNode="0>"/>
<motor template="SMALL_TRACTOR_MOTOR_ONLOAD_RUN" file="Sounds/jcbTM320s_load.ogg" linkNode="0>"/>
<gearbox template="DEFAULT_GEARBOX" file="Sounds/jcbTM320s_transmission.ogg" linkNode="0>"/>
<retarder template="DEFAULT_RETARDER" file="$data/sounds/vehicles/retarder/retarder_loop_02.ogg" linkNode="0>"/>

Check that the link to the onload and offload files exist and they have sound on them with no gaps.

Toth Erik (tothe) 02.03.2021 14:02
I'm using custom sounds and onload and offload are exist. It only goes down if I go at 2000 RPM, if 2500 RPM can be heard normally or if 1500 RPM can still be heard. It only does it at 2000 RPM.

Ross Bowden (rossnmods) (rdbbowen) 02.03.2021 19:45
Double check the game log, if there is an issue with a sound file loading it will show there

Toth Erik (tothe) 02.03.2021 19:50
Fortunately, It is working now. I wrapped it as zip and is working. Thank you advices.

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