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Created27.02.2021 12:29

Jonas Graulund Hansen (Traktorjonas) 27.02.2021 12:29
hello there - Im adding up to 9 stages of light on all my vehichles... but i would really like to also turn them on as i wish... And not just by click F 9 times... Is there an easy way to add buttons asignet to each light state... i was actually just thinking CRTL + Numpad1-9.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.02.2021 13:23
With the regular script "Lights.lua" and "TOGGLE_LIGHTS" you can merely switch sequentially through the list <lights> <states>.

There are some explicite toggles like "TOGGLE_HIGH_BEAM_LIGHT", "TOGGLE_LIGHT_FRONT", "TOGGLE_WORK_LIGHT_FRONT", "TOGGLE_WORK_LIGHT_BACK". See your "inputBinding.xml".

For more you need a custom script.

Jonas Graulund Hansen (Traktorjonas) 27.02.2021 14:24
So... I cant just make an input binding that says... statelight 6 needs to turn on at numpad 6 and statelight 9 should turn on at numpad 9?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.02.2021 14:32
What's so hard to understand about that? The standard lights script supports the cited toggles. For all else you need a custom script.
There are some light mods around. Perhaps try these.

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