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Need Ravenport i3d

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Created07.03.2021 14:35

Tom Wise (TJW65) 07.03.2021 14:35
Hello everyone,

I just started modding with the Giants editor after watching a few simple tutorials and i f****d it up.
I created a backup of the Ravenport named "mapUS ORIGINAL".

Then I worked with the mapUS and saved it in the FS19 -> data -> maps folder as i supposed that would work and the game would just recognise the changed Ravenport map as the original and work with it. It kinda did but i was'nt happy with my modding and deleted my works. After that i renamed the "ORIGINAL" File back to mapUS and it's a mess. Stuff is everywhere, houses just fly and i dont know how that could happen.

Is there any way someone could pass me their original Ravenport i3d?
Edit: yes i know, i should have done more research but right now i just want back the original map :)


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.03.2021 18:40
To be sure there's nothing else messed up, re-install the FS, incl. latest patch.
Before you proceed, uninstall it and delete the complete install folder.

Hopefully you are more clever next time and make a mod from original map before you fiddle around with it.

Kaboch Saygo (TwistedFarmer) 23.09.2021 15:52
If you have steam version of game. Just delete your maps folder from game install directory. Then in steam->FS19->right click->goto properties. In properties->local files->verify game. It will then check your game files and redownload and install the maps folder. That will correct any map issue you may have. The whole game does not need to be reinstalled. At least in this situation.

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