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Error Loading Horse Husbandry in Map

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Created10.03.2021 23:07

Mike Adams (TransAm) 10.03.2021 23:07
I am getting the following error but can't find the path the error shows.

2021-03-10 15:34 Error: i3d 'placeables/animalHusbandry/husbandryHorseLarge.i3d' could not be found.
2021-03-10 15:34 Error: failed to load i3d file 'placeables/animalHusbandry/husbandryHorseLarge.i3d'
2021-03-10 15:34 Error: Failed to load placeable 'data/placeables/animalHusbandry/husbandryHorseLarge.xml'

My correct path is "placeables/animalS/husbandryHorseLarge.i3d'

I have checked ;

ModDesc XML

all have my correct path, where else would I look to correct this path error?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.03.2021 17:47
Use Notepad++ "search in files" to find the wrong path description inside your mod folder.

Mike Adams (TransAm) 11.03.2021 19:04
So these are my findings searching my map folder;

Search "placeables/animalHusbandry/husbandryHorseLarge" (0 hits in 0 files of 3826 searched) (Error above)
Search "placeables/animals/husbandryHorseLarge" (3 hits in 3 files of 3826 searched) (Correct path)

Mike Adams (TransAm) 11.03.2021 19:26
Found it. Thanks for the tip! Much appreciated!

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