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Compost ground texture

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Created14.03.2021 15:33

Geoffrey A (geooooo51) 14.03.2021 15:33

I've added compost in my map, but when I use a spreader the ground texture is not correct. I've a straw texture.
Every other textures are good (filltype in the spreader, effect when spreading).

I don't know where I can modified the ground texture ?

I've added compost in the maps_sprayTypes :

<sprayType name="COMPOST" litersPerSecond="0.4000" type="FERTILIZER" groundType="6" />

What is refered to the groundType ?

Thanks !

Geoffrey A (geooooo51) 29.03.2021 12:18
UP, if anyone have an idea ? Still not understanding what is refered to the groundType.

Thanks !

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.03.2021 13:25
I've never seen any xml files which define these ground types in the given order or numbers. Also never have meet maps with other surfaces.

So I'd guess these values are fixed. Obviously they define the 'style' of the sprayer/spreader overlay for the groundShader. Adding others is probably not supported, perhaps due to groundShader restrictions which might work with defaults only. See $data/shaders/groundShader.xml, it uses a fixed 'blendMap'.
But maybe also, these definitions are hidden somewhere in the files. At least there's no obvious reference from any map file.

Anyway, for your compost the manure type comes nearest, so use groundType="2".

Geoffrey A (geooooo51) 29.03.2021 14:54
Thanks, I've searched all over the files but never found any groundType.

I've seen that maps whit compost set in used groundType "6", but they don't have the straw texture like me.

Anyway I've used the groundType"1" that makes the ground darker so it's ok.

Thanks Bilbo for your help to the community !

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