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Problem with Giant's editor

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Created15.03.2021 08:04

Jefferson Larue (silver) 15.03.2021 08:04

I have a problem with Giant's editor (latest version) since yesterday : when opening the i3d of a mod, the texture do not show (I only see white and dark surfaces and the wireframes to some point) and any change to the file has the consequence of removing the colors of the textures ingame

Has the Giant's editor any problem of compatibility with recent Microsoft updates ?

Or does the problem come from somewhere else ?

Noah Gransee (Radskoolie553) 15.03.2021 16:23
You might need to reinstall the software just in case a recent update caused issues with files (it happens) Try deleting and reinstalling the software. If the issue persists, there is probably an error in the system, or your internet proxy got updated by your carrier.

Jefferson Larue (silver) 16.03.2021 19:11
Thanks. I finally got it : my FS 19 game was installed on my D/ driver whereas GE was on the C: driver ,thus causing problemns when opening 3id files !

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