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How To Do AI Traffic in FS19

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Created26.03.2021 00:11

Gabe Dell (Unknown) 26.03.2021 00:11
I have seen in some traffic in some maps that have buses, real looking dump trucks motorcycles, my question is How Do You Get Those Into Your AI Traffic In A Map? Would love to have these in my map. Thank You.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.03.2021 13:19
It's quite simple. Best is you take an example map for reference, like eg. the "Ravensberg" (available on ModHub).

What you need to consider:
1. Your map.i3d spline user attribute "xmlFile" must point to your custom "maps/trafficSystem.xml" instead default "$data/maps/trafficSystem.xml"
2. The traffic vehicles must be in your map folder, eg. in "trafficVehicles".
3. You should only use vehicles suitable for AI traffic. These are designed for low resource consumption.

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