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Created27.03.2021 03:00

Trond Henning (DrNukem) 27.03.2021 03:00
Is there a way to spawn in a trailer or moded Hooklift container ?
It seems like I only can spawn in an object trailer and or hooklift container not functioning ?
cant attach trailer and it have no wheels.. ;(

trailer with no wheels:
<object filename="$data\vehicles\bergmann\repex34S/repex34S.i3d" min="1" max="1" title="Trailer" />

HKL mod not functioning: (unzipped mod into map folder)
<object filename="maps\newmodels\FS19_LiquidTankHooklift/LiquidTank.i3d" min="1" max="1" title="Liquid Tank" />

I would like to transport containers, and trailers around on the map. (with wheels)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.03.2021 07:35
Will not work.
The mission loads merely an object i3d without xml file. The xml is required for a functional hooklift container or similar.

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