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Created28.03.2021 13:44

Julien Toussaint (Unknown) 28.03.2021 13:44
Hello, I'm translating a mod map "svapa agro".
And the game won't find my l10n_fr.xml files.
I have the message: missing xxxxxx in l10fr.xml
The mod have 4 l10n files deutch, English, French, Russian.
When I remove the other and I start the game with French only, the missing message appair everywhere except for the basis game translation ex wheat, etc.

It shows the message on the factory location on the map and on the global company.

That’s very weird because on the global company, when I start with all l10n files, the major part of the text is in English not on French except for the basis fruit type.

I don't know how the l10n_fr is called by the other files.

Can someone help me please? I'm on this from 2 week know I my nerve are near the breackdown.

Sorry for my English.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.03.2021 15:57
The appendix '_fr' is right.
Must be something else like syntax error or typo in your xml files.

Julien Toussaint (Unknown) 28.03.2021 16:29
I don't understant because, I compare the l10n_de and my files with notepad++ comparator and the head and tail are strictly the same, I've checked the syntax too.

what's the syntax to change a fixe name by a call l10n into the map for hotspot ?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.03.2021 11:24
The general syntax is
<hotspot name="LABEL" fullName="$l10n_NAME" ..
Where LABEL is for game internal use, NAME is the displayed text from <l10n> file or modDesc section.

For some reason the "$l10n_.." doesn't work in all cases. I'd assume if the recent file is processed before the l10n texts are evaluated. Try out.

Also note: the english text version (en) is required anyway. This is taken as default.

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