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How to edit existing traffic spline?

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Created28.03.2021 21:12

Tim Slane (Slimtane) 28.03.2021 21:12
Background: I'm trying to fix/clean-up the "Tyrolean Alps" map. On part of the main road, there is a construction area where the traffic spline is routed around and through a field. I want to re-rout the traffic spline back over the road area and delete the construction zone - making more area for usable field. Here is a link for a screenshot of the area:

What I tried: In GE, I went into the "trigger -> splines -> trafficStytem -> trafficSpline01" and used ctrl+X and ctrl+V to move "trafficSlinpe01" to the outside of the list for editing. I moved the spline markers to the positions I wanted. Used ctrl+X and ctrl+V to move "trafficSlinpe01" back into the "trafficSystem" and made sure it was placed in the original order. No changes were made to the xml. I re-zipped the map and placed it back into the mods folder. When I entered the game - there is now zero traffic on the roads.

Am I missing a step? I tired creating an entire new spline system (based on giants video) and linking it to the existing xml, but that also did not work - no vehicles were visible in-game. I have found zero videos on how to edit an existing traffic spline system. - Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.03.2021 22:16
Cut and paste works fine. Probably you've made a mistake while editing. Very common is: start and end point are too far apart.
Also check the game log for possible errors.

Tim Slane (Slimtane) 28.03.2021 22:24
Got it - I'll attempt the move again and check the error log and the Start/End points. I should note; the traffic was working properly before I shifted the spline.

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