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Sellpoint with Maximum Amount

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Created30.03.2021 15:38

Phill Thompson (ninja02) 30.03.2021 15:38
Is there a sellpoint which for example takes 10000 litres. This 10000 litre amount then reduces to zero over say 2 days then you can sell 1000 litres again

Boris Klinko (Boris555) 30.03.2021 15:55
There is something simmilar to that. There are global company mods that can do that. The BGA global company mod will take resources and generate money. You can use that as example and create your own sell point.

Phill Thompson (ninja02) 30.03.2021 16:23
Thanks Boris for replying, I have ad a look at the ingame BGA, does a similar method with silage in the hopper, but struggling to get it working for my shop


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