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Why aren't my workareas changing size?

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Created10.04.2021 22:03

King Dud (Kingdud) 10.04.2021 22:03
I exported the Khun LSB 1290 D, added an internal bale wrapper to it (I haven't gotten to testing this part yet), and am trying to also make its pickup width wider. With any other mod, I just go into the .id3 file (via giants editor), and change the workarea start/width/height to all be what I want and poof, the in-game asset now has a wider pickup area. But this isn't working and it's driving me batty.

<workArea type="baler" functionName="processBalerArea" disableBackwards="false" >
<area startNode="workAreaStart" widthNode="workAreaWidth" heightNode="workAreaHeight" />
<groundReferenceNode index="1" />


<i3dMapping id="workAreaStart" node="0>0|8|0" />
<i3dMapping id="workAreaWidth" node="0>0|8|1" />
<i3dMapping id="workAreaHeight" node="0>0|8|2" />

I've tried dozens of permutations, including sliding each back and forth along the Z axis. Nothing works; the result is always the same 2.7m pickup width that the original LSB had. I have done this sort of change to probably 12+ mods, so the odds of it being something simple like "wrong variable name" are pretty low. But I'm pulling my hair out trying to understand why this thing doesn't work. Ahh! Help, anyone?

King Dud (Kingdud) 10.04.2021 22:21
*sigh* for anyone wondering, I found my problem. I was referencing the base game's I3d model, not my custom one, in the XML file. Not sure how I managed that.

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