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density map height problem

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Created16.04.2021 03:46

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 16.04.2021 03:46
Hi. it`s just a couple of quick questions ,

what does this mean?
How to fix it?
What problem will you acounter if this shows a error?

In the game everything works as normal. at least it seems that way..

Error loading density map height. 'map.densityMapHeightTypes.densityMapHeightType(3)' has no valid 'fillTypeName'!

I will also say that I startet a new savegame when this error show up in the log.

This is also the first time I got this error.

Thank you

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.04.2021 11:33
*sigh* What is incomprehensible about that? There is nothing more to say about it than the error message tells already.
There's something wrong in your densityMapHeightTypes.xml, the third densityMapHeightType has an invalid fillTypeName. Maybe the fillType doesn't exist, an invalid character, a space within, a typo or syntax error.
Perhaps check with Notepad++ XML Tools for validation.

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 16.04.2021 19:52
Yes you right. That was a stupid question, I should have known that by now. I did however fix it before I saw your reply.

The problem was that the file was looking at a crop that was not on the map anymore. I removed the alfalfa from the map to add another crop instead. I removed the alfalfa line in the map.densityMapHeightTypes.xml file and it fixed it. When I tried to add another crop to the map it went ok. it was no error in the map.i3D file. I could also paint down the foliage on the ground. But when I frun the game in a new save game, there was no rye on in the meny and some errors in the log file. So I trying to figure out what it is. But anyway. Thank you for reply to me on my quetsion Bilbo

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 16.04.2021 22:51
Well I got the crops to work also. So now there is no error what so ever and everything is working nice.

This conclude this post. Off to next map project lol.

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