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trailer joint to follow animation

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Created19.04.2021 08:13

Peter Smith (petorious) 19.04.2021 08:13

I have tried everything on a problem which I had fixed some years ago in fs17, and for the life of me I can not remember how I did it or whether it may of changed in fs19.

Basically I have a cultivator which raises and lowers via a back part with wheels within, this part also houses the rear attacher for second part rolls or cultivator addition.

Problem is when I have two items connected, the lowering animation works on front part, but the attacher joint for rear part stays fixed in lower point, when it should stay fixed to the joint and go up with the back wheels.

If it helps, the mod is a simba SL500 as the front part, so you know what I mean about raising and lowering and where the rear attacher is.

So again Back part animation goes up along with anything within the back part like the wheels, lights, hoses etc, but the rear part that was attached does not follow its joint and go up with it. Its still attached but does not look like it is?

Key xml parts

<attacherJoint node="presspackAttacher" jointType="trailer" lowerRotLimit="10 62 80" upperRotationOffset="0" allowsJointLimitMovement="false" canTurnOnImplement="false" >
<schema position="1 0" rotation="0" invertX="false" />
<attach template="ATTACH_01" />

<animation name="folding">
<part node="leftPart_vis" startTime="2" endTime="5.0" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="0 0 89"/>
<part node="rightPart_vis" startTime="3" endTime="6.0" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="0 0 -89"/>
<part node="depthNode" startTime="0" endTime="1" startTrans="0 -1 -1" endTrans="0 0 -1"/>
<part node="backPart_vis" startTime="0" endTime="1" startRot="25 0 0" endRot="0 0 0"/>

<movingTool node="backPart_vis" wheelIndices="1 2" playSound="true">
<dependentPart node="axisHydraulic_vis" />

Those are the relevant areas.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.04.2021 12:03
If you have an attacher in a <movingPart|Tool> you must declare this in
<attacherJoint jointIndices=".." /> with indices of your <attacherJoints> section
For reference see default vehicles/tools.

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