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Created25.04.2021 00:37

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 25.04.2021 00:37
Hello. I having a little problem with adding a vehicle to my map, actullay it is a milktank but it goes under the vehicle catogory.

this is what I was doing. First i opened the map.i3D file and importet the milktank into the map and placed it where I wantet it to be, then copyed the attributes and added that to the vehicle.xml file. I then closed the map.i3D without saving.

I added this line to the map_vehicle.xml

<vehicle id="37" modName="FS19_modmap" filename="$moddir$FS19_modmap/vehicles/storage/MilkTank.xml" isAbsolute="true" age="0.000000" price="0.000000" farmId="1" propertyState="1" operatingTime="0.000000">
<component1 position="343.33700562 137.25799561 -732.10797119" rotation="-180 0.46398896 -180"/>
<configuration name="fillUnit" id="1"/>
<boughtConfiguration name="fillUnit" id="1"/>
<dirtNode amount="0.000000"/>
<attacherJoints comboDirection="-1"/>
<foldable foldAnimTime="1.000000"/>
<unit index="1" fillType="UNKNOWN" fillLevel="0.000000"/>

I also added the line <storeItem xmlFilename="vehicles/storage/MilkTank.xml" /> in the modex.xml

And a last line to to the l10n_en.xml file <text name="shopItem_MilkTank" text="Milktank" />

The problem it will not show up in the game. I have also startet a new savegame and tried all the moduses. New farmer, Farm manager and start from scratch. Will not shop up no matter what I do. The log file shows no errors at all.

Can anyone see anything wrong with these lines? or can point me in the right direction.

Tanx for any help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.04.2021 01:16
1. There's no MODEX.xml - it is called MODDESC.xml - coming from "mod description".
2. There's no "MilkTank.xml" from default game. If you use something similar from earlier games, it must be converted to FS19 standard at first.
3. If you're trying something new, always look into game log afterwards. This will give you valuable hints what's wrong and how to fix. Reading and understanding the game log saves a lot of unneccesary posts.
I'm sure there's at least a warning in the log, because your entry <vehicle id="37" is invalid. The ID is used for savegame only.
4. It looks like you don't know at all what you're doing. You can import static objects into the map.i3d, but the defaultVehicles.xml is for assigning real vehicles to certain users. If you want to test placement, buy it at the store, place vehicle, save game and take values from savegame's vehicle.xml. Take only the values appearing in a standard "defaultVehicles.xml".

I'd recommand to learn your lessons first before you fiddle around with unknown features.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 25.04.2021 12:07
Check out the dealership on the Millennial Farmer map it has three vehicular items installed from the placeables folder via the defaultVehicles.xml amd storeitems in the modDesc

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