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How to Edit Water Plane Collision

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Created28.04.2021 23:46

Tim Slane (Slimtane) 28.04.2021 23:46
I'm trying to fix the water plane on the UMRV map. The collision for the water plane occurs a few meters above the water surface (when you approach the water, the message "Do not drive into deep water" occurs before the vehicle is touching the water). The player also floats a few meters above the water.

I tried deleting the entire water plan and the collision still occurs; so there must be a another controller somewhere in an xml. or something that can be edited. Any ideas how to fix this? I have tried watching videos, but none of them talk about collision issues. - Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.04.2021 00:18
The magic thing is the user attribute "isMainWater : true".

Tim Slane (Slimtane) 29.04.2021 02:29
Not working - might be because the map was poorly converted from FS17. There were other issues with the map that I already had to fix.

I tried with the box both checked and unchecked. There are multiple water planes for other bodies of water on the map, but none are "checked" and all read "false" when opening the map iD3 in notepad++.

scriptcallback: onCreate: Environment.onCreateWater
boolean: isMainWater

The map is still playable with the error - It was just annoying me and I wanted to learn. Thank you for trying; I always value your knowledge of editing. - Tim

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