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FS19 straw Textures Not Showing Up

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Created05.05.2021 07:39

Neprisimenu Vardo (AsusVIIIHero) 05.05.2021 07:39
I created map by my self, using giants editor 8.2 create new mod from game.
Map works good, except straw Textures Not Showing Up.

see the images

Pictured map fillTypes, fruitTypes, densityMapHeightTypes and map.i3d xml.
all files comes from game directory, but when combining straw comes white like snow..

Please help me.. This is the problem i cant realese the map only because of this. So based on felsbrunn map 2x map. Size about 100 mb

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.05.2021 09:35
Screenshots of xml/text files are not useful. It is barely readable and you can see only a short extract.

At the very first look into editor and game logs. I'm quite sure there are read errors indicated. With these messages you should be able to fix the error.

Neprisimenu Vardo (AsusVIIIHero) 05.05.2021 10:24
Sorry for 4K pictures, here is text logs:

Game log:




MAP XML: about particleSystems and fillPlanes, they are located in game directory not in mod folder.
it is standard fruit map. No extra fruits. Just decoration layers as other textures...

Some code from map i3d:

Now should be ok to read. Please help me with it. Game log shows no errors at all. As it uses all things from game.

Also short code cut from my map i3d:

<DetailLayer name="terrainDetail" densityMapId="494" numDensityMapChannels="13" compressionChannels="5"
<DetailLayer name="terrainDetailHeight" densityMapId="508" numDensityMapChannels="11" compressionChannels="5"
<FoliageMultiLayer densityMapId="511" numChannels="12" numTypeIndexChannels="6" compressionChannels="6">
<FoliageType name="wheat" foliageXmlId="518"/>
<FoliageType name="canola" foliageXmlId="525"/>
<FoliageType name="barley" foliageXmlId="532"/>
<FoliageType name="grass" foliageXmlId="533"/>
<FoliageType name="maize" foliageXmlId="540"/>
<FoliageType name="decoFoliage" foliageXmlId="541"/>
<FoliageType name="poplar" foliageXmlId="542"/>
<FoliageType name="potato" foliageXmlId="548"/>
<FoliageType name="sugarBeet" foliageXmlId="555"/>
<FoliageType name="sunflower" foliageXmlId="563"/>
<FoliageType name="soybean" foliageXmlId="570"/>
<FoliageType name="oilseedRadish" foliageXmlId="572"/>
<FoliageType name="bush01" foliageXmlId="573"/>
<FoliageType name="oat" foliageXmlId="580"/>
<FoliageType name="sugarCane" foliageXmlId="587"/>
<FoliageType name="cotton" foliageXmlId="594"/>
<FoliageMultiLayer densityMapId="595" numChannels="3" numTypeIndexChannels="0">
<FoliageType name="weed" foliageXmlId="596"/>

Whole map size unziped 160 MB.
All things work just fine. Except the straw is displayed like white wawe. Please help me with it.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.05.2021 12:14
So what? Your second map.xml (pastebin) is different to the first one (screenshot).
There you have additional materialHolder obviously in folder "maps/newFruits" but missing custom "densityMapHeightTypes.xml". This most probably caused the white straw texture error.

Of course you won't see an error in log if you only load the map and quit. But if you start threshing.

You're talking of map sizes once 100 MB, then 160 MB. I'd guess zipped/unzipped. Can it be, you have the map twice in mod folder, zipped and unzipped? Then you needn't wonder about errors.

Neprisimenu Vardo (AsusVIIIHero) 05.05.2021 12:47
I was testing new fruits at one moment but not using them and it is out of the map. I loaded the game using unziped map, saw a bit of field, grow it up and then combine it. Once combining it it just makes a white thing laying on the ground and nothing else. But all files basic from the game. I didint make any particleSystem or fillPlanes by my self. And it is set correctly... If I would share a map with you, would you take a quick look on it sir please ? :) Thank you so much

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.05.2021 13:19
Sorry, but I don't have the time to debug a complete map. Maybe easy to find, maybe a search for days. ;)

Certainly the "white thing laying on the ground" should be straw. Check it by loading straw on a normal trailer. If the fillPlane is ok, it's an issue with the detailHeight, resp. densityMapHeightTypes.
Setup your map.xml like a default. Delete or comment out all custom stuff of <..Types> at bottom. Then make changes stepwise one after another and check it (also log).

Neprisimenu Vardo (AsusVIIIHero) 05.05.2021 13:33
Thank you so much for your quick response and time you was spend. Will try to sort it out in some kind way..

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