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Normal Maps for FS19

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Created05.05.2021 07:57

Ben Mccartney (benm094) 05.05.2021 07:57
During some general research the other day, I discovered that there are two types of normal map: DirectX and OpenGL.
As far as I am aware, FS19 uses DirectX as a rendering API so I thought we should be using DirectX normal maps. But then I thought about non-windows platforms, which surely don't use DirectX.

Is the engine wise enought to interpret it correctly, on different platforms. Which normal map should we be giving the game?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.05.2021 10:14
You should use OpenGL format. The Giants editor uses OpenGL exclusively and its output is base for the game.

The game can use both DirectX as well as OpenGL. However, I'd assume core stuff is still based on OpenGL features.

Ben Mccartney (benm094) 05.05.2021 18:32

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