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possibility of dumping on the ground

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Created05.05.2021 23:02

Paweł T (Trzcina) 05.05.2021 23:02
Hi, I have a question where can I find information in the map files that is responsible for the possibility of dumping crops on the ground?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.05.2021 01:31
Material on ground is handled by detailHeight. This is a bitmap which combines bitmasks of type and amount (=height) of a certain fillType. The effective assignment of type(mask) to fillType is done later in game by the "densityMapHeightTypes.xml".
To avoid tipping to ground anywhere there are additional several maps or collisions which can forbid tipToGround in certain regions.

Gueganton Jérôme (guegantje) 14.07.2021 16:23
bonjour , je peux pas verser au sol mes culture sur toute la maps et j'ai l'herbe qui s'affiche pas quand elle a été faucher que doige faire pour régler se problème

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