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Created10.05.2021 17:50

Patton_M47 10.05.2021 17:50
me and a friend were messing around with this tractor just for laughs.. you see after driving it for around .1 hrs its wheels lock up and it freaks out and goes flying. any ideas why it does that?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.05.2021 01:29
Did you look into the log for errors?
Such behaviour mostly comes from insufficient conversions of pre-FS19 mods.
It is often caused by improper setup of components in xml section <base> or even in i3d. But may have also other reasons. At least it is a serious error with physics setup anywhere.
Testing in debug mode should give valuable hints. See
Use debug rendering and perhaps wireframe view.
Also can be helpful to change in i3d all invisible transforms to visible (search/replace in text editor).

Patton_M47 11.05.2021 03:31
hmm its not my mod
But I believe it is not a conversion.... I cant recall but I think I looked at the log once and it was clean. Ill have to give it a shot in the debugger.

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