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Invisible Objects in GE?

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Created31.05.2021 16:05

Garth Chivell (GarthC1) 31.05.2021 16:05
Good Afternoon,

Hopefully someone can assist with this question. I have started to edit a FS19 map in GE and all is going fine, it reopens again etc. The challenge I have is I purposely deleted a shed however the shed has a couple of doors that I cannot see in GE. Whilst in GE the shed and the doors are gone (as planned) however when I load up the game the doors appear and despite clicking all over the place in GE I cannot see to be able to click on these doors.. I want to remove these doors like I did the shed.

Any help on how to resolve this would be great,

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 31.05.2021 18:50
Objects not visible in GE are inserted by the map's 'defaultItems'. The exact name and path of this XML file you'll find in the "modDesc.xml" <map .. defaultItemsXMLFilename=..
Often you can already identify the object by its label or file name or its position.
Else you must lookup in the xml <item .. filename=.. for the right i3d file.

To remove this object you can simply delete the complete entry <item .. />.
Notice that this affects only a new game. In a savegame you must delete this item also from its "items.xml".

Garth Chivell (GarthC1) 31.05.2021 23:06
Thanks Bilbo, I have learnt something with your response, thank you. I searched through defaults items and all the xml files in the map folder without luck. I have searched against the positions that I know and I cannot see where this is hiding. Any ideas where else I could find these infamous doors.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.06.2021 07:58
Start a new game, save and quit. In the savegame "items.xml" you'll see all items. Doors almost always have the tag <animatedObjects>.

If that also doesn't help, you must insert (import) all defaultItems into the map manually, one after another, until you find the right one.
Use the defaultItems.xml to get via <item .. filename= the name and path of xml and i3d. This i3d you import into map. After importing, copy the location of the item from <item .. position=.. rotation=.. to the i3d transform attributes translate and rotate.

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