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Help Please: New Map From Scratch

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Created03.06.2021 21:45

Richard Anderson (KorenoGamer) 03.06.2021 21:45
Hello Folks,

Could someone please explain how to make a fresh new map from scratch? This means not downloading a blank/empty map and going from there. Its means starting with the untitled file you start with when first launching the editor and then adding in the things needed.

I have searched for hours for proper tutorials but they all start after already having the terrain, sun, and a few others things in the scene. I am trying to learn how to create them from scratch and determine map size and everything from there.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.06.2021 22:47
Forget it! There is no guide/tutorial to start a map from scratch. At least I didn't ever see one.
Don't expect such one here. For a beginner it would require a book of 100+ pages.

For this you must have much knowledge and experience in basic map modding. You must also have good skills in XML, since you cannot do all within the GE.
Begin with a ready empty map and study elaborately all components. If you have understood completely how it works, you might be able to create a map from scratch (perhaps after a few years).

Richard Anderson (KorenoGamer) 04.06.2021 01:03
Thank you for the reply. I been searching for a blank map with just the bare minimum. Sun, terrain, careerStartPOint, etc. Know of one that works? The few I seen have comments of it making people editors crash

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.06.2021 12:35
There are many empty maps around. Read the user comments to get a working one.

Alternatively create your own empty map. Load a default game map and delete all transforms below "terrain".
Then edit the terrain. Set the brush rectangle, size 1200, so you can 'stamp' in one step.
To flatten the map use 'Replace'. Delete foliage and terrain detail. Paint the map with a default texture, eg. grass or dirt.
Finally export the empty map to a new folder with options "use parent directory: NO", "use game default paths: YES".

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