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Trying to increase mod mass?

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Created05.06.2021 21:59

Steven Pierno (spierno259) 05.06.2021 21:59
I am trying to increase the mass of a mod. Open the i3d in giants editor, I head on over to axis_component2 and select Rigid Body. Now i increase the density from 1 to 20, i've tried many values. Tried increasing the density of the main_component1 as well, the Mass value in giants editor goes up accordingly, IN game it does not matter what the mass of the mod is, it does not increase from 8000 in game. Can anyone explain this to me, maybe i've missed a step?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.06.2021 23:19
The mass values are not taken from i3d anymore, leave them as they are.
The 'real' physics mass is in the vehicle.xml <base> <components> <component .. mass=..

Steven Pierno (spierno259) 06.06.2021 01:56
Thank you very much Bilbo Beutlin. This is the solution to my problem.

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