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Moved Shop but not Recognizing it in Game

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Created16.06.2021 21:27

Steve Vaughan (OldTmer) 16.06.2021 21:27
OK, I am just beginning to scratch the surface of editing maps. I successfully moved a shop on a map. I open game and everything seems to work, takes you to the shop, buying vehicles show up where they are suppose to, etc.

However the game doesn't recognize the new area. When I go to place objects in the old shop spot it tells me I can't build in shop area. Also it still shows a gravel area around the shop on the map even though I have changes it to grass. Grass displays properly in game though.

What have I missed to complete this change?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.06.2021 04:31
The shop buildings and decos don't represent the game functionality ot the shop.
In Giants maps this is usually in gameplay/vehicleShopGameplay.
Furtheron you must also adapt the vehicle sell trigger, which is placed by "defaultItems.xml".

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