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Changes to map with Giants Editor, what needs to be changed in the savegame

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Created01.07.2021 19:49

John Dow (JohnDow) 01.07.2021 19:49
I've changes some small things in my map with Giants Editor. However, when I upload the new version to my dedicated server and start the game not all changes are implemented. It looks like the savegame contains information about map as well. How can I remove the map information from the savegame so it will get the latest native version?

When I create a new campain with the map, the map is how it suppose to be.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.07.2021 05:59
Right. Many changes in editor will only take effect if starting a new game/career. So just for beginners I'd recommand to do that.

If you want to change a running game properly, you must copy certain files from savegame to the original map, then edit the i3d, afterwards copy the required map files to savegame. Several files must be also renamed before/after copying.
Warning: if you make mistakes, the game might become unplayable. Always make backups before changing anything.

Just a short overview of the most important files in savegame which are touched by GE edits:
- ground textures: "terrain.nmap.cache" and "terrain.lod.type.cache"
- terrain height: "terrain.heightmap.png"
- field states: "cultivator_density.gdm"
- fruits, foliage: "fruit_density.gdm"
- material on ground: "terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm"
- collision maps: "plcColMap.grle" and "tipColMap.grle"
- wood logs, harvestable trees: "splitShapes.gmss" - delete this file from savegame if you have edited trees

You see - it's not just easy. So perhaps better begin a new game.

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