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Created02.07.2021 17:22

Pierre Payette (camberman53) 02.07.2021 17:22
I know yhat my question have already an answer but can't find.

All previous version I got no problem to export the map but in fs19 unable always missing many files xml dds in root folder
no vehicle in game to start

Someone have tutorial or solution to my case


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.07.2021 18:18
The FS19 reads default data files from game data directly instead from mod folder. This makes mods significantly smaller and is update safe.

All you need is answering at save/export
- use parent directory: NO
- use game default paths: YES

If you want to use a game default mod/map, use GE "new mod from game". This will generate also required auxiliary files.

Pierre Payette (camberman53) 02.07.2021 20:22
I use "new mod from game" method game start mappreview and icon is there but all the farm is missing and starting vehicles too
may be moore but don't explore more.

In root floder I have maps folder and 2 dds and 3 xml (defaultitems, defaultvehicles and modDesc)

Inside maps folder I have mapUS folder and 11 more files (grle, shapes, xml, dds)

all previous 11 to 17 version was simple to do now is complicated until we got the first time

No place to load a ready map to play from the game Ravenport I prefer

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.07.2021 20:29
Very new to FS19?
The start buildings and vehicles appear only in "new farmer" mode.

Also there might be still a bug in GE. At least in earlier GE versions the paths in defaultItems and defaultVehicles were generated wrong. Case necessary, replace all filename="$data/ with filename="data/
(though it's more a bug in game than GE)

Pierre Payette (camberman53) 02.07.2021 21:49
GE 8.2.2 start in admin I am able to buy placeable item and vehicles but those suppose to be in starting are not there

If start the original game Ravenport everything is fine in New Farmer choices

Not new in game but new try to edit map all older version was ok becaus they include a ''sample mod map''

go try to edit the file like you write

Pierre Payette (camberman53) 02.07.2021 23:35
do what youwrit '' replace all filename="$data/ with filename="data/ ''

nothing solve always missing vehicles and farm placeable object in the map
all is available in store

If you have a chance during the week end to test by yourself to create a sample mod map from Ravenport
of course you have the experience to find the problem

Let me know if it's the case for now I'm trying to find one on the internet

it's only to pratice to adding crops like 17 and 15
in fs 11 I put the maximum of crops 63 including default one:
Thanks Pierre

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.07.2021 22:16
Just tried it - works as expected.
The only thing you have to edit are the paths in "defaultItems.xml" and "defaultVehicles.xml" - all filename="$data/ must be replaced by filename="data/

It may happen that the Windows UAC or an antivirus program inhibits file creation. I'd urgently recommand to use neutral folders for mod work which are not supervised by Windows or AV.
Also NEVER use cloud storage for FS/GE related files (OneDrive or similar).

Pierre Payette (camberman53) 04.07.2021 00:58
Windows UAC is off and no antivirus program in my computer
For neutral folders what do you mean?

you have a solution to install mod in another place than ''my games folder''

FS 19 is install on ssd seperate of my M.2 drive of windows

I do a try with GE to export all files in maps folder and after and change paths in 2 xml files

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.07.2021 05:14
Move the mods to another folder, let's say "D:\FS19mods".
Then edit the "gameSettings.xml" (in FS19 user folder):
<modsDirectoryOverride active="true" directory="D:/FS19mods"/>

Pierre Payette (camberman53) 04.07.2021 21:07
To be sure I install FS19 and GE 8.2.2 on my old system running Win7
I7 2600K GTX960

Open Ravenport I3d and export all files to maps folder of my future Fam
Change $data to data like you wrote

zip the file and try on my win10 system and all builing and equipment is there to start the game

Thanks a lot for your help, and I change my mods folder location.

Now when I open map in GE no crops or fruits appear in field ready to harvest but in game they are there
exemple: Ravenport have 3-6-8-12-14-15-16-18-22-23-24

Do I need to activate something in GE or try to edit a "xml" file in game

for my new map the field ready are 2-7-8-11-12-18-22 no field that Iam owner

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.07.2021 04:58
Empty fields of the NPC are only created or managed at the start of the game. This depends on the entry in the "fruitTypes.xml" <fruitType ... useForFieldJob="true|false"
For grass there is an extra UserAttribute (in i3d) <Attribute name="fieldGrassMission" type="boolean" value="true"/>

However, you can also create fields in the editor beforehand. This is then taken over at the start of the game. Then you need to define (paint) cultivator state and fruit/foliage.

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