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40km² map on console !?

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Created11.07.2021 23:53

Z4RM_ 11.07.2021 23:53
Hello !
I would to create an inspired by reality map of 40km² but I would to upload it on ModHub and on console, will it je accepted ?
And can you share me a Sample Mod Map of minimum x20 than default map (we consider a default map x2), or how to make it ?
Thanks you very much !


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.07.2021 04:28
Forget it!

1. Due to design of game engine and handling of several auxiliary/density files modmaps need to be a square. For the next possible map size, the edge length of the square must be doubled.
Standard maps (1x area) are 2x2km. The next size is 4x (4x4km), then 16x (8x8km), then 64x (16x16km).

2. Due to console restrictions (slots) the maximum possible on console is a 4x map.

Z4RM_ 12.07.2021 07:51
Okay thanks for you answer.

For the size I know this, so I would have taken for example 32x32km.

But if on console max is 4x4km, my map should be 10 time "smaller" than reality :D !

Thank you

Z4RM_ 12.07.2021 07:56

Z4RM_ 12.07.2021 07:56

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