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Limitation of placeable vehicle

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Created23.07.2021 01:43

William Beard (willbobber) 23.07.2021 01:43
Does anyone know the limitations of a placeable vehicle?
Like the train system that works by loading a placeable xml that in turn loads the vehicle xml, the crane can also be done the same way as I have a working example but I cant get my mod to work.
The train uses locomotive type, the crane uses the crane type.

Are these the only types that can be used??
Im trying to add the type receivingHopper as a built in placeable. It will load the first part, the placeable xml but it wont load the vehicle xml.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.07.2021 03:28
The 'className' of items determines a specified LUA script as well as the xml file tag <placeableType>. You can use only available types, for most used types see LUADOC/script/placeables. Unluckily not all is documented, not even in the debugger sources.
Anyway, you cannot simply add a new, non-available type, since this would require a new script.

William Beard (willbobber) 25.07.2021 20:44
Hi Bilbo, thanks for the reply.

I have it working and loaded in game now. I came away from trying to set it as a placeable because I could just loaded it as a fixed vehicle.

The next thing I am trying to do is add an animation to the vehicle. The tags I have are fillUnit, fillVolume and dischargable.
Is it possible to add a rot and trans animation to either of these?
I need the animation to run on a loop, ideally it should only work when the vehicle is discharging.


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