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Created04.08.2021 23:41

Toth Erik (tothe) 04.08.2021 23:41
Hi! I make a mod and it is almost ready but I have a big problem. When I buy the vehicle I can configure it. If I go to the configuration place I can't configure.
I reviewed the log file, but I didn't found anything.
I don't know what I do. Can someone help me?

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,

Fritz Meyer (FritzMeyer) 07.08.2021 20:22
open the i3d with notepad++ and change the material to the standart what was in it before then it should go

Toth Erik (tothe) 07.08.2021 22:43
Unfourtenetly, it does not work. But Thanks for helping.

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