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front axle keeps braking

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Created06.08.2021 03:15

Patton_M47 06.08.2021 03:15
Why does my front axle not want to stay connected

<component centerOfMass="0 0 0" solverIterationCount="30" mass="1024"/>
<component centerOfMass="0 0 0" solverIterationCount="30" mass="300"/>
<joint component1="0" component2="1" node="0>7|3" rotLimit="0 0 12" breakable="false"/>

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.08.2021 03:40
*sigh* Would have been very easy if you had compared with a default vehicle.

The <joint componentX=.. is an INDEX to above <component .. list. And in XML as well as in LUA the first index is always "1".

Honestly, you should consider to stop modding if you are not able to learn such trivial things from examples.
I'm quite sure, there's also an error in the logfile. Ever looked into the log?

Bob Hund (Zeth82) 04.12.2021 07:42
bilbo. don't be such a downer. just answer the question.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.12.2021 13:47
If you don't like my responses, ignore them.
If you have nothing to contribute to the topic theme, shut up.

Patton_M47 04.12.2021 15:09
Bilbo are you on the main farming simulator fourm?

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