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Vehicle takes too long from start to being able to drive

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Created10.08.2021 19:31

Lara Goins (nlgoins) 10.08.2021 19:31
I've been looking through tutorials and things but honestly the only reason I'm looking into modding is for this one truck I really like that has only one fault. It takes forever from the time you start it until you're able to drive it. I haven't found an answer yet from google or from looking through tutorials. I've looked through the xml. I downloaded the giants editor and am trying to learn that. I'm just wanting to shorten the duration from the time I can start this truck to being able to drive it lol! It's a good 10-15 second delay. Unacceptable lol! If anyone is able to steer me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. I'm usually a quick study. Thanks!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.08.2021 23:42
Though it's soo easy to find without enhanced knowledge:
<motorized> .. <motorStartDuration>

Lara Goins (nlgoins) 11.08.2021 17:41
Assuming I'm looking in the right file, even with a search, I'm not finding that line.
There's two XML documents in the folder. One is "modDesc" and one is "Ram_3500". The "Ram_3500" XML is the one I'm looking in.

Location for download of mod if interested in teaching me where I'm going wrong:

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.08.2021 22:50
OMG - 112 MB for a little pickup.
All in all this mod is crap, quite badly assembled from other mods, no cleanup made. In my eyes a case for trashcan.
The long delay at start comes from an oversized soundfile for motor start.

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