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SpotLight issues in editor and game

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Created15.08.2021 19:45

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 15.08.2021 19:45
I am adding some basic spotlights to a modMap I have had no issues with for a long time. When I create or even import a basic spotlight and point it, it projects a very pixelated or blocky edge/shadow. Project shadows has no affect on it. Some lights do it, others do not. It doesn't matter what it's projecting on, whether object or grounds. Looks terrible. The only thing that seems to affect it is removing it from a transform and copy it on the 1st level of the scene graph. Why would transform group hierarchy affect the way a light casts? Or glitches for that matter?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.08.2021 19:51
Quite obviously the ugly light's parent TG is scaled.
So all is fine if you move the light to an unscaled TG. Or you have to normalize (freeze) the parent TG's scaling.

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 16.08.2021 07:55
Hmm..I'll have to check this! I wonder if I scaled and then froze the transform scale.

Thank you.

Doug Williams (Dougw133) 16.08.2021 08:32
That was it. It was a child under a transform group several levels up that had a modified scale

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