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3pt arms not working

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Created17.08.2021 01:58

Patton_M47 17.08.2021 01:58
I pretty much copied the xml/layout of another mod with a similar setup however the upper part of the 3pt doesn't seem to work

<movingPart node="0>13|0" referencePoint="0>14|0|1|0|1" localReferencePoint="0>13|0|0" referenceFrame="0>14|0|1|0" invertZ="true">
<dependentPart node="0>9|0|0"/>
<movingPart node="0>13|0|0" referencePoint="0>14|0|1|0|1" referenceFrame="0>13|0|1" invertZ="true"/>
<movingPart node="0>13|2|0|1" referencePoint="0>13|2|1" referenceFrame="0>13|2|0">
<translatingPart node="0>13|2|0|1|0"/>
<movingPart node="0>13|2|0|2" referencePoint="0>13|2|0|0|1" referenceFrame="0>13|2|0">
<translatingPart node="0>13|2|0|2|0"/>
<movingPart node="0>13|0|2|2" referencePoint="0>13|0|1|0|1" referenceFrame="0>13|0|2|0"/>

Patton_M47 19.08.2021 21:07
ps its not this one I changed it and it still did nothing

<dependentPart node="0>9|0|0"/>

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.08.2021 23:11
Do you really think, one can fix the problem merely by looking into the xml code?
One must see also parallel the i3d (live) to assign function nodes to transform parts.

The only advice anyone can give you:
Take a similar 3pt attacher from a default tractor and compare it part for part with yours (in i3d and xml) to understand how it works.

Patton_M47 19.08.2021 23:36
thats basically what I did I found a modded tractor with the same 3pt and copy pasted everything

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.08.2021 05:36
There's probably missing something. Usually a 3pt attacher has explicite xml tags in three sections: attacherJoints, movingTools, movingParts.
For better comprehension it's useful to <i3dMapping> the nodes and name them according their function.

Patton_M47 20.08.2021 18:11
ahh stupid me forgot a small part

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