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Terrain height limitation

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Created20.08.2021 13:25

Emanuel Schäffauer (Emanuel83) 20.08.2021 13:25

I need help for the max allowed height limitation.
As per GE max allowed height is 255 (meter)
Does anybody know where this limitation is set and if this can be changed (increased)?
Scaling the terrain does not work. I tried alrady to create a new TG puttting the terrain underneath and scaling the TG, this did work but in LS I got only LUA errors, map did crash at loading

Thanks for the help

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.08.2021 15:14
Use the terrain attribute "height scale".
You won't see immediate changes though, only after the next save and reload.

Emanuel Schäffauer (Emanuel83) 20.08.2021 16:52
Oh wow thank you so much! I tried to change this already but never did came to the idea of closing and reopening the GE... Thanks!!!

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