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Straw-pickup for forage harvesters multiplies amount of chaff

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Created20.08.2021 18:34

Jonathan Joseph Kent (JonathanKent) 20.08.2021 18:34
Hi everyone,

I hope someone could give me a hint:

I've exported the New Holland 300FP pickup (New Mod from game in the Giants Editor) and added a modDesk.xml and the store & icon files.
To make the pickup work with straw I only changed the following line in the "main"-XML

I removed/commented
<cutter fruitTypeCategories="pickup" fruitTypeConverter="forageHarvester" useWindrowed="true"> -->

and added
<cutter fruitTypeCategories="DIRECTCUTTER grass dryGrass wheat barley oat" fruitTypeConverter="FORAGEHARVESTER" useWindrowed="true">

I found that edit in the mod KRONE EasyFlow 300S pickup straw by "Zucchero"

Now it works fine and collects the straw and I'm able to harvest some extra chaff - ONLY that it produces 4 times the chaff from straw!?!
(1000 L straw => 4000 L chaff) I testet it with grass and hay - everything works as expected, no miraculous chaff multiplying.

Is it a specific behavior of the DIRECTCUTTER category? Can I overwrite the multiplying factor somehow?

J Kent

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.08.2021 11:08
1. The factor 4x comes from "fruitTypes.xml" <converter from=.. to=.. factor="4.0" ..

2. Don't mix 'fruitTypeCategories' and 'fruitTypes'. There should be related errors in log.

Jonathan Joseph Kent (JonathanKent) 22.08.2021 14:47
Thx a lot BBeutlin!

I've found the fruitType.xml (C:\Program Files (x86)\Farming Simulator 2019\data\maps\maps_fruitTypes.xml) and checked the log file - but no errors or warnings about my mod whatsoever!?

I'm gonna fiddle around with the XML and do some tests..and probably be back with some new questions ;)


Jonathan Joseph Kent (JonathanKent) 22.08.2021 16:04
Hello there,

I've added a moddified maps_fruitTypes.xml to a modmap to change the factor in the <converter> entries.
(and edited the maps/modMap.xml of the map where I uncommented <fruitTypes filename="maps/maps_fruitTypes.xml" />)

What I first tried was to add a new converter from STRAW to CHAFF with factor=1.0 (see below)
unfortunately nothing changed, still 1000 L straw was converted to 4000 L chaff.

But changing the three converter factors for WHEAT, BARLEY and OAT from 4.0 to 1.0 this led to the expected behavior.

<fruitTypeConverter name="FORAGEHARVESTER">
<converter from="GRASS" to="GRASS_WINDROW" factor="1.0" windrowFactor="1.0" />
<converter from="DRYGRASS" to="DRYGRASS_WINDROW" factor="1.0" windrowFactor="1.0" />
<converter from="WHEAT" to="CHAFF" factor="1.0" windrowFactor="1.0" /> <!-- straw 1:1 conversion -->
<converter from="BARLEY" to="CHAFF" factor="1.0" windrowFactor="1.0" /> <!-- straw 1:1 conversion -->
<converter from="OAT" to="CHAFF" factor="1.0" windrowFactor="1.0" /> <!-- straw 1:1 conversion -->
<converter from="STRAW" to="CHAFF" factor="1.0" />

I was wondering why the factor for the 3 crops(!) does affect my modded pick-up although the pickup collects straw(!)?
Does the windrowFactor=1.0 only work for DRYGRASS?
What's up with the original comment "straw 1:1 conversion"?

I was hoping to find a way to change only the behavior for collecting straw, while cutting crop (wheat, barley or oat) would still work as intended in the fruitTypes.xml by GIANTS.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.08.2021 00:41
Depending on kind of tool some process fruitTypes, others fillTypes. And you have assigned typical "pickup" types to "harvester/combine" types.

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