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My character is floating in game!

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Created23.08.2021 17:27

Al Campbell (Woozyshoe137) 23.08.2021 17:27
My problem is, my character is floating in game!

I've Tested my map in game several times, all of the sudden after loading into the game this last time, the map loads and my character starts floating into the air. it stops after floating up a few meters, but I'm still in the air. I try moving forward and I barley move. Once I reach a hill thats higher elevated than I am, I take off and begin walking running and jumping as normal.

I did mess with the terrain height and placement a bit and then loaded back in, I was then back on the ground and it seemed it had been fixed.
After painting a few textures, I then saved and loaded back into the game and began floating again!

I only have 3 building on the map and a large water plane. I've tried to rebuild terrain and regenerate collisions.... nothing

The terrain is made of a custom DEM, I'm not sure if that may be causing the issue but I just feel it is terrain related.

Any and Ideas or possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.08.2021 22:04
Check your waterplane(s). One must have the user attribute "isMainWater:(boolean)true".

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