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How can I increase the tractor's power/pull? (excluding torque settings)

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Created24.08.2021 23:04

Ardakrkz (ardakrkz68) 24.08.2021 23:04
Hello, how can I increase the traction / power of the tractor from the tire settings or another place? Thanks..

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.08.2021 23:37
The engine power is determined by <motor torqueScale=..
You can calculate approximately at <torque normRpm="0.72" torque="1"/> torqueScale = hp / 225.5

Any other effect is resulting physics only: wheels/tires, differential.

Ardakrkz (ardakrkz68) 24.08.2021 23:40
(excluding torque settings)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.08.2021 07:01
The FS is based on slightly simplified but basic physical laws. So "increase power" inevitably means increase torque. A change in torque due to gearing is not taken into account. This is simulated by the <torque> table.

Some minor influence in FS have:
- A smaller wheel diameter increases the effective torque to the ground, but slows down the vehicle.
- The tire friction may give more traction, but it cannot enhance the effective torque.
- The differential determines merely the distribution to the driven wheels.

So if you want to "increase the traction / power of the tractor" there's no other effective way than <motor torqueScale=..

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