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3pt arms act up after conversion

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Created04.09.2021 21:15

Patton_M47 04.09.2021 21:15
How come the 3pt arms on my Conversion tractor fly around violently when I hook up to a Implement? (the implement is fine its just the arms)

<attacherJoint node="0>9|0|0|0|0" lowerRotLimit="5 0 20" lowerTransLimit="0 0.5 0" moveTime="2.5">
<distanceToGround lower="0.54" upper="1.04"/>
<rotationNode node="0>9|0|0" upperRotation="36 0 0" lowerRotation="2 0 0"/>
<rotationNode2 node="0>9|0|0|0" upperRotation="-29 0 0" lowerRotation="-2 0 0"/>
<bottomArm rotationNode="0>9|0|1" translationNode="0>9|0|1|0" referenceNode="0>9|0|1|0|0" zScale="-1"/>
<topArm rotationNode="0>9|0|1" translationNode="0>9|0|1|0" referenceNode="0>9|0|1|0|0" zScale="-1"/>
<schema position="1 0" rotation="0" invertX="false"/>
<attacherJoint node="0>7|2" jointType="trailer" lowerRotLimit="10 80 80" upperRotationOffset="0" allowsJointLimitMovement="false">
<schema position="1 0" rotation="0" invertX="false"/>
<attacherJoint node="0>7|7" jointType="trailerLow" lowerRotLimit="10 80 80" upperRotationOffset="0" allowsJointLimitMovement="false">
<schema position="1 0" rotation="0" invertX="false"/>
<attacherJoint node="0>7|8" jointType="trailer" lowerRotLimit="20 85 85" upperRotationOffset="0" allowsJointLimitMovement="false">
<schema position="0 0" rotation="0" invertX="true"/>
<attach template="ATTACH_01" linkNode="0>"/>
<hydraulic template="DEFAULT_HYDRAULIC_SOUND" linkNode="0>"/>

<movingTool node="0>9|0|1">
<dependentPart node="0>9|0|2"/>
<movingPart node="1>0|1" referencePoint="1>1|1" referenceFrame="1>" isActiveDirty="true" scaleZ="false"/>
<movingPart node="0>9|0|2" referencePoint="0>9|0|1|0|1" localReferencePoint="0>9|0|2|2" referenceFrame="0>2">
<dependentPart node="0>9|0|2|2"/>
<movingPart node="0>9|0|2|2" referencePoint="0>9|0|1|0|1" referenceFrame="0>9|0|2|0"/>
<movingPart node="0>9|4" referencePoint="1>0" addDegrees="0" rotAxis="x" getRotAxis="y" lengthMultiplicator="-1"/>
<movingPart node="0>9|4|0" referencePoint="1>0|3" doScaleBool="false" scaleRef="0>7|5"/>

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.09.2021 09:31
On first glance:
<bottomArm> and <topArm> have exactly the same attributes/nodes. That's surely not right.

Patton_M47 05.09.2021 14:29
okay ill try that thx

Patton_M47 09.09.2021 18:30
okay that stopped them from shaking violently but the top arm is rotated approximately 90 degrees in the wrong direction do you see anything obviously wrong? I tried a couple things to no avail

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.09.2021 07:00
Impossible to say without seeing the i3d.
I'd guess the <rotationNode..> are wrong. Either the nodes themself or the values/orientation in 'upper|lowerRotation'.
But maybe also wrong nodes for <bottom|topArm>.

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