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cultivator_density.gdm into png problem

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Created26.09.2021 13:07

Bartlomiej Mirocha (HorvathPL) 26.09.2021 13:07
I have problem with edditing cultivator_density.gdm. What I do:
1. Converting gdm to png.
2. Editing png with Photoshop.
3. Save cultivator_density.png into the same folder as cultivator_density.gdm. 4. Remove gdm file, only png left in folder.
5. Edited i3d file and change cultivator_density.gdm into cultivator_density.png.
6. Open i3d in giants editor but there is no fields.
7. Saving i3d generates empty gdm file.

What im doing wrong?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.09.2021 14:37
Your gfx program allows several settings for PNG export. Save it in exact the same format as it was converted from GDM. The converter gives a brief output description.

Also make sure your gfx program works in raw mode without any image optimizations.

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