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Created03.10.2021 05:45

Tommy Aleksandersen (WolfBoy) 03.10.2021 05:45
Hello, can anyone help. imported a cow pasture into my map as placeable. it show up in the game but nothing works on it and you can walk trough the walls and gate. I have imported pastures before and it all worked. But this time it does not.

This is what I have done.

I copyed all the cowpasture and texture files over to my maps/placeables/ animalHusbandy folder. I also added the text to all of the xml files.
I then imported it into my map for placement and attributes. I did not leave the cowpasture in the map.i3D. selected not to save. I then started the game with new save file. The cowpasture was there but no working. The log file show 1 error.

Error: Running LUA method 'update
dataS/scripts/animals/AnimalFoodManager.lua(256) : attempt to index a nil value

I am not sure if these 2 are one error or just the first line.

Further. I have done nothing to the cow pasture at all. The cow pasture was also at 0 in the attributes. So it was on the place I put it on in game.

I suspect a script or something is needed but I`m not sure. This is the first time I have this error on a cow pasture that I did not edit.

Hope someone can help. Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.10.2021 13:34
Are you really sure, the husbandry is FS19 compatible? Objects from earlier versions won't work anymore.
But also if it is FS19-ready, you can't be sure what the modder has built. You need to examine and compare elaborately with a default husbandry (xml AND i3d).

Before you implement it in a modmap, make a standalone buyable placeable and test it on a default map. Certainly without any other mods in modfolder.

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