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How do I get started wit modding?

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Created11.10.2021 14:43

Anonymous (ProGamer2167) 11.10.2021 14:43
I would like to start modding the game but I can't find anything on how to get started and make a mod

Sebastian Schmitt (ModderGamer) 11.10.2021 15:10
Du kannst dir beim GDN unter ,, Videoanleitung, Modding Video Tutorials
Videos anschauen die dir erklären wie du Moden kannst.


Anonymous (ProGamer2167) 11.10.2021 16:49
Die Video-Tutorials zeigen allerdings nur, wie man eine Karte erstellt


However, the video tutorials only show how to create a map

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.10.2021 19:48
Don't expect an all-in-one guide for FS19 modding.

Beneath the FS19 Tutorials 4.0 are also other guides. And also still valid are the basics from FS17 apart from minor changes.
Also in GDN Downloads are some useful guides.

Last not least a source for infos is the general Giants forum and the hundreds of "how-to" all around the web.

Jaclyn 12.10.2021 01:32
Honestly, back up one of the in-game folders in the vehicles category, then go in and play with the XML. See what happens. The i3d file can be opened in notepad++ and played with too. That's how I got started, and now I've made a (mostly) functional mod that adds a bunch of the in-game caseIH vehicles but as electric vehicles.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.10.2021 09:37
>> back up one of the in-game folders [..] and play with the XML
NO! This the way to hacking instead modding.
The FS offers very easy and compatible ways for real mods. It is not necessary to touch the original installation. This disables multiplay and changes are anyway lost on new install or updates.

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