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Farmer size dummy for scale

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Created15.10.2021 01:25

Torlasco (diego_gg111) 15.10.2021 01:25
Hello, is there any "dummy" of the "in game" farmer to use as scale for mods which I don't have exact measures but have the relative measure of a person driving it?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.10.2021 03:10
No. All human model files (farmers, helpers, pedestrians) are in the archives "dataS.gar" and "dataS2.gar". Since these are in Giants proprietary format, you cannot access them directly.
Anyway, like all other objects also the human models have 'real' size. 1m real = 1m in game = 1m in editor. For size comparison use the grid or auxiliary transforms (parent-child distance).

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