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Created08.11.2021 21:36

Lena Cody (trenidor) 08.11.2021 21:36

I'm new to modding FS19, just wondering what event/function is called when a field is planted, grows, or harvested? Or how does the game recognize how long each area of a field has been growing and how would I trigger the game to run my scripts when the field progresses? I've tried looking through all of the guides and the documentation but it doesn't appear to be an easy answer?


p.s. I'm mostly interested in modding the game to run scripts at time intervals or at certain events that are going to tweak yields or increase the wear and tear on vehicles.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.11.2021 22:13
The cultivator and fruit maps are basically bitmaps, so I would not expect such as the growth functions in a LUA script, but in the core engine (programmed in C). So there is probably no interface to control growth manually (by LUA script).

Although there's in the savegame a "fruit_density_growthState.xml" - the values are not referenced anywhere in the debugger LUA source codes.

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