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I have no textures on tip on ground items.

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Created09.11.2021 08:34

Talmadge Fisher (FishGaming) 09.11.2021 08:34
Hello to all,

I am having this issue. I started attempting modding files only recently and I was using a smaller map to that was seasons only ready and was attempting to put items from the Wild West 16x map into it for additional multifruit and a slightly different version of maize plus. So I got everything working, I doubled the height types, it works with seasons and maize plus with extensions as well as my crazy amounts of mods and straw addon and strawme. The problem I am getting though is for whatever reason my textures for some items are just wrong or not showing up. It seems to be only the tipped on the ground items. My alfalfa and clover come out just wrong. The alfalfa is white (no textures), the clover looks like hay, even my grass when mowed looks like hay. All the names are right when you pick them up in a loading wagon, I have tested it with and without any other mods in the game, with and without seasons, and with and without maize plus itself on. Same result. When in a tipper or in a hopper all item are good and even the tip on the ground items some are good but the main ones are the alfalfa, clover and grass, they are all messed up. I have no errors in my log, I have looked through my densityMapHeightTypes and all the directories for the dds files are good (and yes they are png for the xml file itself). The map.xml file also is correctly sending it to the mapdensityheighttypes file. Any ideas for people who have experienced this?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.11.2021 09:03
Any errors/warnings in editor or game log? (you didn't say WHICH log)

If you have setup all things properly, it could be the limit of 'densityMapHeightTypes' is exceeded. There are guides around how to enhance this limit, also in the general Giants forum.

Talmadge Fisher (FishGaming) 10.11.2021 01:28
Hello Bilbo,

I did load the map initially up in Giants editor and no problem loading all multifruit, and I loaded up the map in game with no errors in the general log you find in your documents/mygames/FarmSimulator19. I Usually have gotten errors before with densityheighttype limit has reached it maximum and I already have increased it to 63 using the guide here. I attmpeted to do more than 63 when I first started this project and failed at it but I am able to run seasons, straw addon, strawme, and maize plus with forage and ccm+ extension with no errors so I assume I have already increased it. Doesn't mean though for some reason the drops max is reached but I still thought an error would occur.

Now just to be sure increasing your densityMapHeightType, is that the same as the guide to increase to 63 dump types. I assume it is but could be mistaken.

In regards to errors in giants editor or in the log, there are none. For warnings a couple mods have duplicate 110n entrys that are being ignored. The ONLY thing I can think of at all was when initially increasing the height types in the editor I noticed not an error or warning but the statement DensityMap: failed to load image. I had converted the terraindetailheight_density to png with the GRLE Converter and I am running the latest version of Giants editor. Don't know if this would have anything to do with it.

Talmadge Fisher (FishGaming) 10.11.2021 02:25
And just to add the weird thing it's the clover, alfalfa, and hay that is the problem. Alfalfa is white with no texture but bale it and its fine, and my grass when cut looks like hay. When looking more into his dds images I began to notice the straw husks that are also coming up white only on ground are looking like a different material I saw when just using normal straw. It's like my game is flipping around the images for some while leaving out the textures for others.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.11.2021 08:01
Additional fillTypes need additional materialHolders. Do you have added them to your map.xml <additionalFiles> ?
The 'tip-to-ground' heaps are based on fillPlanes, so at least a 'fillPlane_materialHolder.i3d' with the new fillTypes is required.

Talmadge Fisher (FishGaming) 11.11.2021 22:49
Yes I have all material holders link in map.xml to their designated spots. BUT I did fix it and I believe I found the issue. I say I think because I don't know if it would have any relation to the textures for dump items. When I was loading the map in Giants editor with the new compression channels and the terrain detail height was in png I would continuously get the sentence DensityMap: failed to load image. After countless times of looking around I found a comment on the last page of the forum post on how to increase dump types where someone else was having the issue and said to go back to a previous version of the editor. When I did that I gave no error. I did everything exactly like before and the textures were correct. LIke I said it was the weirdest thing because 70% had textures around 10% were the wrong textures like my grass looking like hay and clover windrowed looking like straw, but then I had the two (alfalfa and corn husks) that had no texture. So if anyone else is getting that phrase in their editor when increasing dump types and textures are getting removed and flipped around that is the reason.

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