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Created17.11.2021 05:02

Talmadge Fisher (FishGaming) 17.11.2021 05:02
I am attempting to change the nitrogen requirements for precision farming. I have multifruit added and I have attempted to add the fruit requirement section to my map.xml as well as adding the multifruit to the precision farming mod itself. And in both cases the multifruit just ignores my custom nitrogen levels I put into place. I have made sure that the numbers didn't exceed 200, that the reduction didn't put the total in the negative values after harvest, that the numbers even were even numbers, or ended only in zeros, that after reduction from harvesting that the leftover nitrogen values were either 20 or 0 as they are in base crops. Nothing works. The thing that really confuses me also is that the alfalfa and clover in the precision farming addon fruit section is down at 40 nitrogen and up to 80 only and they work flawless. My code in notepad ++ is all showing correct with the red line so I didn't copy and paste it incorrectly. I also attempted both name types (ex. carrot and CARROT) from the fillTypes.xml. I am out of options. Any suggestions?

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