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Is it possible to make a mod that exports game data to a file, or to send game data to another program?

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Created23.11.2021 18:31

Kal Sarwar (KhalidIbn) 23.11.2021 18:31
Just curious really, I'm brand new to the franchise having just picked up FS22.

I use an app called Matric on android which lets you turn any android device into a button box. Matric has an API, so if you wrote middleware you could pickup data from a API/SDK and then send it over. I made a basic speedometer and fuel gauge for Euro Truck Sim 2 and a much more extensive interface for Flight Sim 2020. Now I'm looking to see if FS22 has an API/SDK where we can hook into game data or if a script could output gamedata into a file that could be monitored for changes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this ramble. Any advice or links to help me get started would be grand.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.11.2021 20:35
The FS LUA scripts run in a sandbox-like environment, so there is no direct interface to OS APIs.
The only way is using files, preferably XML files. These are well supported by the FS and most other programs.

Kal Sarwar (KhalidIbn) 24.11.2021 11:31
Thanks a lot, I'll start reading up on the LUA scripting.

Marciel Grutzmann (Marciel032) 25.11.2021 12:51

See this post, may be will help you

If possible, help with the project

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