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i3d object can only been seen from 1 side

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Created04.12.2021 17:20

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 04.12.2021 17:20
I have pieces i3d that I exported from blender, and when I use them on Giants Editor, I can only see them when I look the external side of the piece. When I turn de view and look from inside (vehicles) everything disapear.

Anyone knows what attribute I have to check to correct this

Patton_M47 04.12.2021 20:02
I think its kinda screwed you might have to go back to blender

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 04.12.2021 20:08
Turn on Backface culling in Blender then you will see how your object will appear in GE
In order to see both sides of an object (like a window viewed both from inside and out) requires a separate mesh based on the first with the normals flipped.

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