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custom button when placing placeable

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Created11.12.2021 14:14

freezz 11.12.2021 14:14
I want to add some options when placing placeables, I looked at some other mods that add buttons on screen when you are walking in the game, I managed to add one also but i have no idea how to make this button show up when placing placeables instead of walking in the game.
Here is part of the script
Maybe changing actionType to something else?
Thanks for any help

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.12.2021 00:24
Didn't read your script, but lookup here in Documentation/LUADOC/GUI how to setup new GUI elements.
Though meant for FS19, most things should be still valid for FS22.

In FS19 the reference class was something like "PlacementScreen" - not sure about FS22.
If you don't have the recent "" in your installation, wait for upcoming debugger which comes with the gameSource files.

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