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Created12.12.2021 17:47

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 12.12.2021 17:47
I need a collision mask that colides with vehicles but not with the ground, anyone knows what bit should I check

Espen K. (estyx) 12.12.2021 17:56
You can use CollisionFlag.VEHICLE (bit value 13) :-)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.12.2021 03:13
If you have an earlier version of FS, look in install folder sdk - there should be a "collisionMasks.txt".
Else search by Google - it's posted several times, also here on GDN.
There might be changes in FS22, but probably not very important.

Peter Farmer (zippyo) 13.12.2021 13:46
maya exporter package. extract and read python script which has all descriptions


Karl Karl (karl_karl911) 13.12.2021 14:32
0: "DEFAULT: The default bit",

# main collisions
1: "STATIC_WORLD: Collision with terrain, terrainHeight and static objects",
3: "STATIC_OBJECTS: Collision with static objects",
5: "AI_BLOCKING: Blocks the AI",
4: "STATIC_OBJECT: A static object",
8: "TERRAIN: Collision with terrain",
9: "TERRAIN_DELTA: Collision with terrain delta",

# identifiers
11: "TREE: A tree",
12: "DYNAMIC_OBJECT: A dynamic object",
13: "VEHICLE: A vehicle",
14: "PLAYER: A player",
15: "BLOCKED_BY_PLAYER: Object that's blocked by a player",
16: "ANIMAL: An animal",
18: "AI_DRIVABLE: AI can drive over this node",
19: "GROUND_TIP_BLOCKING: Bit to block the ground tipping at this position",

# triggers
20: "TRIGGER_PLAYER: A trigger for players",
21: "TRIGGER_VEHICLE: A trigger for vehicles!",
24: "TRIGGER_DYNAMIC_OBJECT: A dynamic object",
25: "TRIGGER_TRAFFIC_VEHICLE_BLOCKING: A trigger that blocks the traffic vehicles",
27: "TRIGGER_FORK: A trigger for fork object mounting",
28: "TRIGGER_ANIMAL: A trigger for animals",

30: "FILLABLE: A fillable node. Used in trailers and unload triggers",

# deprecated
2: "STATIC_WORLD_WITHOUT_DELTA: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
6: "TRACTOR: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
7: "COMBINE: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
22: "TRIGGER_COMBINE: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
23: "TRIGGER_FILLABLE: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",
26: "TRIGGER_CUTTER: Deprecated in FS22: Do not use it anymore!",

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 28.12.2021 14:58
Hello ,

I made a ball fork and I have a problem with the masks.

my source: Farming Simulator 22 \ data \ vehicles \ magsi \ telehandlerBaleFork

_everything works correctly but not my Mask collisions,
_there are two peak collisions, the first and (Bit 1, 13, 27) the second (Bit 13, 27) for that of the original games. I do exactly the same is it does not work for (Bit 13, 27) my collision in games does not appear, why?

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 29.12.2021 21:09
Good evening,

after several tests,
I come to you to tell you that your software "GIANTS Editor" causes a lot of problem with the collisions or it does not accept more than 6 collisions other by it changes their Instances is the "shapeID" why?

all my mod is correctly create 0 error, in games the collisions do not work I have 8 collisions on my mod with this collisionsMask (colPartBack = 1,13,27)
is 8 with this collisionsMask (colPart = 13,27) the one if does not work.

_ Is there a size to respect (scale) or not?
_ is there a limit of collisions?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.12.2021 21:39
You're talking about "scale". Did you resize the trigger?
Most triggers work with scale=1.0 only. That means, if you have scaled a trigger, you must normalize it (freeze scaling).

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 09.01.2022 08:12

yes all my scales are good, and I solved the problem, GE has a limit in the number of collisions (this limit is 12)

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